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Introducing Our Boeing B777-300ER Model!

Today we reveal our Boeing B777-300ER digital model!

Built from the ground up, this 3D model has been created with the goal of aiding the creation of movie-quality, educational and inspirational content for aspiring pilots and aerospace engineers. The B777-300ER was chosen as it is one of the most popular widebody aircraft in the skies and is a platform that allows for an extensive amount of topics to be well represented. Let's not forget the beautiful GE90-115B's too!🤩 As of today, the model is complex enough to demonstrate any flying concept, with the majority of the external features represented, as well as moving control surfaces!

Going forward, the engines, fuselage, and interior will be vastly improved to allow for the opportunity to teach more complex engineering systems. There is already a huge list of items that need to be improved, and each of these will be dealt with and more added as the project continues.

Because this model has been built completely using open-source software and self-made textures and assets, it has infinite flexibility to help demonstrate topics ranging from how lift is generated, to how a pre-flight walkaround is completed, and everything in-between. It has taken a substantial amount of time to get the model to this stage, and that work will only continue in the future to create a more complex and accurate model, with the overarching goal of providing movie-quality inspiring and educational content and spreading our passion for aviation! One downside to creating everything from scratch, render times and content creation takes a long time! Even on a high-end PC, render times for the release video - named Project_Hangar - took over 40 hours of computing time! There is only a handful of ways to reduce this, but usually at the cost of quality.

For now, work will continue on improving the model, and on creating some of the first educational videos and inspirational artwork! We hope that you will enjoy the content that will follow from our B77W, and hope you will be a meaningful part of our mission to spread knowledge and inspire others to pursue their passion in aviation.

This project will be big - to replicate a real world aircraft as closely as possible, whilst teaching and inspiring avgeeks from across the world. If you believe you could contribute with the technical aspects in any way, let us know and we can provide more details! Simply sharing our content and spreading word of our project will help us so much too!

For now, keep flying and soar freely, forever.

Andreas - TheAviationHub

P.S. As those with an eye for detail may notice, there are a few visual flaws with the model. In order to accurately replicate the B77W, we need a ton of visual aids (close up pictures of the aircraft and engine details and materials from many angles). There is a lot of this available online, but it can be very time consuming to gather this material. If you work on or with any 777 variant, we may be able to use your help! Please send us a message on Instagram if you would be willing to help us with obtaining close up pictures of the 777. Thanks!

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