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Project TAKE0FF! Sneak Peak into a 3D Modelling Project

Welcome to Project TAKE0FF!

Updated B777-300ER model. Isn't it beautiful?

This project is a work in progress with the goal of creating an ultra-realistic render of a Boeing 777-300ER take off.

To view v1.0 of the project, visit our Instagram post by clicking here.

So far I’ve created the generic scene layout and populated it with props and models that add to the realism (Such as airport vehicles, human models, airbridges, and grass). Basic model textures and a sky texture have been added too.

What’s next? Modelling is mostly complete – around 75% done! The only remaining models are things: like taxiway and other ground marking details; airport details such as a more detailed ramp area, things to look at through terminal windows etc.; a more accurate city (this model is also quite detailed right now whilst it doesn't need to be. This slows down render times and is something that will be changed in the next iteration); and clouds! Can't have a take off video without some clouds right?

To take this scene to the next level, I’ll be working on the textures and environment effects to bring up the realism. In addition, animations will become more complex (adding wingflex, gear retraction animations, camera movement etc.)

A 737 model from a different project - showcasing the use of wingflex.

Below is an image of the 777 landing gear model I created. Thankfully, I created this model with animation in mind and so a lot of the components are already separate and able to be animated without too much work needing to be re-done. This being said, this will be a massive challenge and is an area of 3D animating I haven't worked a lot on in the past. Many of the gear components will need to fold into each other and be packed into the fuselage of the 777 with a clean and smooth animation.

Funny thought - I remember playing some basic flight simulators when I was younger and where some aircraft in these simulators would not have gear extend/retract animations. I'd always wonder why! Now I understand the struggle of those animators! It's a massive task but I have no doubt it will be rewarding to complete.

Boeing 77W model main gear

Project TAKE0FF - Gallery

This image shows the basic terminal model and the 777 model in front of it

This was a test render where I experimented with different methods to create buildings in the background of the take-off

This is a more complete render image showing a dense city as well as the control tower. This particular image also tested different camera focus settings and motion blur!

Some more city testing with buildings and roads behind the aircraft.

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