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The World's Most Powerful Engine

A single GE90-115B at max thrust could match the power of a fully loaded Boeing 757 during take-off - with thrust to spare! Exclusively powering the Boeing 777-300ER, the GE90-115B is accepted as the world's most powerful engine. It holds a thrust rating of 115,000 lbf, which is even more than the GE9X, rated at 110,000 lbf.

Being inspired by this impeccably influential piece of engineering, I decided to dedicate a short film to the engine, highlighting its incredible design. The basic engine shape was taken from my Boeing 77W Model, but improved slightly to more closely match the real design. A lot more time was spent on perfecting the fan blades, as their complex shape made it difficult to replicate them accurately. Some work was also spent on the shading and materials of each engine component, including the outer casing, fan blades, and nozzle section.

GE90-115B Video

You can watch the short video here:

Here's the link if the video is slow to load:

If you're wondering where the amazing music comes from, that's thanks to my friend Seyi, who made the incredible piece especially for this video! Make sure to check out his Instagram page here!

Behind The Scenes...

I never really had an interest in artwork, 3D modelling, or animation, but at one point several years ago I came across some really beautiful 3D animations someone had uploaded online (aviation related, of course), and from that moment I suppose my hobby as a digital artist began. I wanted to create these compelling digital pieces and mold them however I wanted to. I felt resemblance to a painter using a brush on a canvas, except I worked through the modern medium of digital sculpting and modelling software. With time and practice, I became competent enough to venture past the introductory tutorials into my one true passion - aviation! That is where my projects like the Boeing 777-300ER and the GE90-115B began.

Digital artwork takes a lot of practice! Take a look at the images below for just a glimpse of my progress over the past year.

The first image, believe it or not, was a project I did completely in Paint3D. It is incredibly basic and free software, but I had the patience to make it work, so I did. With time, and as my computer setup improved, I started to learn Blender, where the other images were taken. Blender is also free to use but is much more demanding and intensive to learn.

Here are some more behind the scenes images:

GE90-115B Animation - Blender Workspace
GE90-115B Animation - Blender Workspace

3D Viewport Render of GE90-115B in Blender 3.0
GE90-115B 3D Model

I hope you enjoyed the video and behind the scenes images! If you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment or send us a message! If you enjoyed the music piece in the video, make sure to check out ShayKeyNote!

For now, keep flying and soar freely, forever.

Andreas - TheAviationHub

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